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  • care industry

    Most people know nothing about care and support services. It’s usually something that you only start thinking about when you begin to need them. Even at this point, it can be very difficult to find the right information and to establish just what your rights are.

    In this section we give you a broad overview of the care industry, the regulatory bodies that maintain standards, outline the assessment process that you will need to undertake and also highlight the reports that care homes must provide you with to ensure that you choose the very best comfort and care that you deserve.

  • care options

    Your individual requirements may mean that you need a nursing, respite, residential or specialist dementia or Alzheimer’s care home. Your GP and/or local Social Services department will be able to assess your needs and help you understand the level of care you require. Choosing the right level of care for now and in the future is vital so that it enables you to pick a home that can cater for your needs if your care level changes over time.

    This section deals with what types of residential homes are available, the varying different types of care that they provide and also looks at some alternatives to residential care.

  • viewing a home

    Selecting a care home is a very important decision; there are so many things to consider, for example: level of care, location, facilities, recommendations and cost. The choice can only be made if you are well informed and know the right questions to ask. This section advises on some of these key areas.

    Choosing the right care home is, in many ways, just like choosing any other place to live. It is imperative to visit several homes to compare and contrast various facilities and services. To help you do this effectively we’ve also created a checklist which we advise that you print out and take with you when you visit your potential homes. This will ensure that you ask all those practical questions that will be crucial in helping you choose the correct care home to suit your needs.

  • finance

    After property purchase, long-term care is likely to be the biggest expenditure in someone's lifetime. However, unlike buying a property, the cost of care is something particularly difficult to plan for and is consequently a huge concern for the whole family.

    Whether you are paying privately for your care or being funded by the State there is much to know to ensure you get what you are rightfully entitled to.

    This section highlights what you can expect to pay, just what financial support is available and will also advise on some of the options you may have to help secure the necessary funding to pay for your care needs.

    Please remember that this is just a guide to finance and that with this hugely important decision it’s vital to seek professional advice that is tailored to your own personal circumstances.