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Cross-party group paper on long term care
A dementia charity has said that patients are avoiding seeking treatment due to the stigma associated with the condition.Penny Hibberd, director of the Dementia Services Development Centre South East (DSDC South East), noted that a lack of understanding has led to people forming misconceptions about dementia.She added that sufferers do not receive the support that they require and that people with other disabilities are given, citing the example of physically challenged individuals."If you go to one of the big supermarkets and you've got a physical disability, there's lots of help available in terms of getting help around trolleys and [getting] shopping assistants to help you," Ms Hibberd explained. "[But] if you've got dementia, you don't look like there is something wrong with you, so asking for help can be difficult because people don't understand what problems you might have."A recent survey by the Department of Health found that a third of Britons feel uncomfortable around people with dementia and more than half admitted they would not be able to help someone with the condition due to a lack of knowledge about it.