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home news Charities demand politicians stop scoring points on serious care issues
Charities demand politicians stop scoring points on serious care issues
The row between Labour and the Conservatives about over funding elderly care is missing the point, according to a leading care home provider in the South-East. The debate focuses on a proposal to tax wealthier elderly people to raise funds for the care of those less well off.   Nick Bruce, owner of the Nightingales Retirement Care Group, says higher paying care home residents are already filling the gap. Retirement, homes need a significant amount of money to run properly each week. But only a small proportion of that is met with public funds. Local authorities allocate a certain amount of money for people without the means to pay for care themselves. But the government is simply not providing local councils with enough money to cover the costs. So many homes are forced to charge wealthier clients more than the value of the care they receive to make up the funding gap. It is very unfair on the people who have worked and saved hard all their lives for retirement to then see that money spent on someone else just because they too need care.”   Nightingales Retirement Care runs two homes in Bromley and Reigate, as well as a homecare service. Nightingales has a clear pricing policy and make a clear price promise. Nick Bruce adds, “We publish all our prices and treat all new clients on the same basis so that everyone gets what they are paying for. We believe every home should operate in this way. We are also calling for the government to re-examine the amount they allocate for elderly care. The current amount just is not enough.”    Long term care: News update: 16 February 2010   Related links Find out more about long term care insurance   What is long term care?   Enquire about long term care insurance