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Care at Home appoints new care coordinator
The House of Lords has rejected attempts to delay the Personal Care Bill, that promises to provide 280,000 people with the highest needs access to free care at home.   Lord Warner described the bill as seriously flawed and suggested the bill be delayed until the government has completed and published their response to a consultation on it, as it should not progress purely on knee-jerk political campaigning. Local authorities have argued that government pricing of the cost at £250 million is very wrong, as the real costs to local authorities would be over £1 billion, money that they do not have.   As the legislation is not due to come into effect until October, all depends on the general election. The Conservatives have proposed a different model of funding social care, in partnership with the insurance industry.     Long term care: News update: 4 February 2010   Related links Find out more about long term care insurance   What is long term care?   Enquire about long term care insurance