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Prudential is to pull out of the equity release sector
Private healthcare provider Bupa has confirmed its support for the government's proposed reduction in the prescription of anti-psychotic drugs to people with dementia in care homes.A government-commissioned review found that too many people with dementia are given anti-psychotic drugs to address agitation and aggression.The Department of Health has now pledged to address the issue by improving regulation and creating a new national clinical director for dementia.Dr Clive Bowman, medical director of Bupa Care Service, said that the organisation is "delighted" by the move."We welcome the minister's announcement ... which is a huge step in the right direction," he remarked."Positively-engaged doctors and confident well-trained care staff can work together to dramatically reduce drug use and improve the quality of life of people with dementia," the expert added.The decision to clamp down on the over-prescription of anti-psychotics has also been welcomed by the Royal College of Nursing, whose chief executive and general secretary Dr Peter Carter said that the organisation "looks forward to working with the new national clinical director for dementia on these ambitious proposals".      Private hospital news : 20 November 2009   Related links Read more about private hospitals and clinics   Get a quote for private hospital treatment   Find a private hospital