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Gordon Brown’s care plan criticised
Professionals taking care of the elderly could see positive results from encouraging them to try Tai Chi, according to new research.A report led by Dr Chenchen Wang at the Tufts University School of Medicine showed that patients over 65 who suffer from knee osteoarthritis (OA) could benefit from the martial art.Participants in the study were asked to attend two sessions a week for 12 weeks and at the end they reported that the pain in their knee had been significantly reduced.Dr Wang explained: "Our observations emphasize a need to further evaluate the biologic mechanisms and approaches of Tai Chi to extend its benefits to a broader population."The sessions included Tai Chi movement, self-massage, breathing techniques and relaxation.A recent study at Queen Mary, University of London showed that fish oil helps combat rheumatoid arthritis by being converted by the body into a chemical called Resolvin D2, which reduces inflammation in joints.