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home news Age Concern and Help the Aged: Care of the elderly must evolve
Age Concern and Help the Aged: Care of the elderly must evolve
Emma Soames of Saga is sceptical about Gordon Brown's announcement to provide free home care to older people with the most serious needs.  She comments, “Merely by announcing that free home care will be provided to those at most need has pulled this critical issue further up the political agenda which is exactly where it needs to be. We already know that funding for respite care, channelled through local authorities, is simply not getting through and is often being diverted to other areas. There is also the chance that this could also encourage local authorities to put more people into residential care, which is clearly not the best solution for the individuals. Without a system to ring fence the funding there is a real risk that this could become yet another empty promise and an extension of postcode lottery for care that already exists nationwide."     Long term care insurance: News update: 30/09/2009   Related links Saga - company profile   Find out more about long term care insurance   Get a quote for long term care insurance