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People with dementia 'abused' by family members
Private care homes for people with dementia should be noticeably different to other care homes to reflect the unique needs of their residents, according to the head of mental health at Bupa.Dr Graham Stokes told the Times that a dementia home should "cry out that it is different"."Walls should cry out with information. Handrails need to be in bold colours to attract attention," he revealed.Dr Stokes described some of the different tactics that have been employed at Bupa's Thatcham Court home in Berkshire to trigger residents' memories and enable them to feel at home, including beds that can be lowered to remove the need for cot-sides.The home also has memory boxes outside residents' rooms in which their families can place photos to help orientate residents and make the entrance to their rooms more personal, the Times reveals.Bupa Care Homes operates more than 300 residential and nursing homes throughout the UK, 164 of which care for people with dementia.Thatcham Court nursing home is a purpose-built facility that opened in 2008, boasting 60 en suite bedrooms, each with a flat-screen television and access to freeview.   © Copyright 2009   Long term care insurance: News update: 26/01/2009   Related links Find out more about long term care insurance   What is long term care?   Get a quote for long term care insurance