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Dementia care homes are different
Times remain hard for older people moving into a care home, but they are also getting worse, with difficulties being exacerbated by the ongoing financial gloom.   Counsel and Care, a national charity getting the best care and support for older people, has published the 'Finding and financing care in hard times' report that discusses the top five issues of 2600 older people, their families and carers who contacted Counsel and Care's advice service during 2008.   Worries about how to pay for a care home stay is the biggest concern for older people contacting the advice service on a daily basis, making up 30% of all calls, and 50% of those funding the care themselves. A particular concern is using large amounts of savings and capital to pay for the ever-increasing cost of care.   Other concerns include the complaints process, rights for self-funders, support for older people with dementia and a lack of information and advice.   Stephen Burke of Counsel and Care says: "This report is very telling, showing the real struggle older people, their families and carers are currently facing when trying to pay for care. The financial crisis only serves to highlight these difficulties and heightens the urgency of wholesale reform of the care system."    Long term care insurance: News update: January 2009   Related links Find out more about long term care insurance   What is long term care?   Get a quote for long term care insurance