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Older people forced to sell their homes to pay for care
Private healthcare company Bupa has pledged over one million pounds to help develop specialist Admiral Nursing services in England.Admiral Nurses have specialist mental health training and work to support families affected by dementia.The donation will fund the development of three new teams of nurses in east Kent, southern England and London.Dr Clive Bowman, medical director at Bupa Care Services, commented: "As a leading provider of dementia care in specialist homes, Bupa understands the impact dementia has in the community and the important contribution Admiral Nurses make in helping families to navigate and cope with the challenges presented by the disease."Dr Bowman added that the nurses provide "invaluable" support, comfort and help to families affected by dementia.The first new team is being launched this month and will serve the east Kent region.The southern England team should be up-and-running in the near future, and the third team in London should be in action in 2009.