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Equity release must be last resort
Owain Wright, Head of Long Term Care Funding Advice at Saga Personal Finance comments:   "Saga welcomes the healthy competition provided by FirstStop. To support those struggling to deal with the complexities of the UK care system Saga created its own specialist independent care funding advice service in 2006. Through this service Saga has already helped thousands of people to ease the financial burden of Long Term Care by providing friendly, unbiased advice and information. With the average cost of care being £112,312 over 4 years, it is essential to take specialist care funding advice to ensure that costs can continue to be met for as long as necessary. The last thing the elderly and frail and their families want to worry about is whether they have sufficient money to fund their care over what may be a long period of time."   The Saga care funding service is provided by a team of dedicated specialists and is independent of any retail financial providers.   Long term care insurance: News update: September 2008   Related links Saga - company profile   Find out more about long term care insurance   Get a quote for long term care insurance