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find-a-nursinghome includes a comprehensive list of all care homes in the UK. Once you’re happy that you have a good understanding of what you’re looking for and where it might be, then tap into the search facilities and start drawing up a shortlist of suitable homes.

If you’re interested in seeing which homes are located in a specific county then simply tap the details into the search box below and you’ll be connected to a page that gives you more information on the area and all the registered homes that are there. Alternatively you can enter a specific post code and our software will let you know every home that is located within a 5 mile radius.

You can also make your search even more specific by selecting your primary care need and/or by the type of Home service that you require.

When you see a Home that suits your needs, store their details in your own personal folder which you van then share with family and friends for vital feedback. To register and create your folder click here.