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If you are looking for the best care home for either yourself or a loved one then find-a-nursinghome (FAN) is here to help.

This will be a highly emotional time with strong feelings, financial concerns and lack of information complicating a very important decision. Drawing on personal experiences, FAN has been designed to work with your individual needs and guide you through this very sensitive process. We understand what a draining and confusing time this can be and our goal is to make the process as supportive and informative as possible, with personalised help along the way.

We know that a lot of people are confused by the differences between nursing, respite and residential care homes, so this is why FAN offers a detailed overview of the care industry, types of help available and information on funding. To further answer any questions you may have, FAN also offers a regulated forum to exchange thoughts, advice and fears at this uncertain time, as we think it’s invaluable to be able to chat to other people who are going through the same challenging process.

Utilising powerful software, FAN will provide you with a comprehensive list of nursing, residential, respite, dementia and day care homes for the elderly or disabled in the UK. To support this we feature real life stories from care professionals and members of public who have also gone through the difficult process of putting themselves or family into care. We’ve also created fee guides and checklists that you can print off and read at your leisure.

We understand that this is a very important decision to make, and we hope that by offering extensive information and personalised advice find-a-nursinghome will help you to make the right one.